Time-Saving Kitchen Tricks from a Personal Chef

Are you a food lover? Not only eating, but love to cook those delicious dishes? But do the preparations kill you? This is the story of nearly everyone who loves cooking.

The prior preparations have always been a hectic job for preparing any dish. And if you are working in any chaotic kitchen, the job becomes more disturbing. Again, for the working women, time holds a vital role in finishing up with the kitchen chores on time for meeting the business requirements.

NYC chef in the kitchenSo, are you also looking for increasing productivity or improving your skills in the kitchen for quick cooking? No one can be the best tutor in this case other than the personal chefs who prepare food for their clients daily.

For the New York residents, Your Personal Chef NYC offers you a great range of cuisines from American, Chinese, Caribbean, Greek, French, Italian, Turkish, and many more prepared by in-house personal chefs.  These personal chefs also work for more than one client daily, and hence, they are sure to work with some time-saving techniques.

Time Saving Kitchen Techniques

Want to know some of the techniques? Here are some of the techniques we came across while talking with various personal chefs that would help you out.

·         Plan and Prepare First

Planning and preparing go hand in hand when it comes to cooking in a limited period. Get a calendar and plan the meals on either a weekly or monthly basis. Again, this plan would also help in getting an ideal shopping list. This would make your weekly shopping easy and quick as you would be ready with the list.

Sundays are the days when you can make some preserving meals like soups, casseroles, sauces, etc. and refrigerate them. So, on weekdays, all you need to do is warm and have them. Weekends can also be used for cutting the vegetables and herbs for the week and storing them properly, prior to smoothies’ preparations, etc. This would make your weekdays cooking quick and less stressful.

·         Multitask your brain

Whether you are preparing meals from fresh ingredients or the leftovers in the fridge, train your mind for multitasking to always be ahead. Figure out the portion of the dinner that would take a long time for the cook, while those that would be quickly served on the tables.

Begin with a few long dishes in advance to save some time. Preparing the long recipes first would also give you time to quickly prepare other dishes while the first one is still in the oven or cooling. Boiling, cutting, roasting, etc. in advance for the long dishes is also a good way to multitask your brain.

·         Cook and Clean

Does the filled basin make you go crazy after meals? The most irritating part of cooking is cleaning after meals. But what if you cook and clean together? This would not only reduce the rush of utensils after meals but would also save you a good time for other work or family. Clean the unwanted utensils while you are cooking instead of bunking them in the basin.

Along with the utensils, you can also clean out the platform, dining area after cutting veggies, oven if used, grinding jars, etc. that would help you save your precious time. If using a dishwasher, start filling it with utensils and once full, switch it on. You are placing them at their place after the wash is also a good idea.

·         Smart Shopping

Shopping also holds an important place in time-saving cooking tips. Rather than simply shopping, go for smart shopping. If you are lacking required time, replace the vegetables with the cut off veggie packs, roasted nuts, shelled nuts, semi-cooked food items, pre-toasted seeds, and much more that would help you in quick cooking.

Again, there are people who follow the myth that purchasing semi-prepared items is not a healthy choice. But going for packages after checking their expiry dates would be the best idea. The packed items would not only help you prepare the meals fast but would not also damage the taste you are looking for.

·         Look for food processors

Food processors are nifty kitchen toolsHave you ever thought of purchasing a food processor, but denied after knowing the prices? Take a look at this part. Whether it is converting the veggies or fruits into puree or juices, kneading doughs, grinding various meats, shredding carrots or cabbages or even emulsifying the mayonnaise at home, all these can be carried out in a fraction of minutes with the help of a food processor.

Simply by pressing the button and all your time-consuming work is done in just a few minutes with the required accuracy. This cuts down a good period while making meals. So, isn’t the food processor a good long-term investment?

·         Say No to Sticky Tools

Just imagine you are preparing some dish with a shortage of time and suddenly smell it burning. Awful right! Why not replace the sticky kitchen utensils and tools with the non-stick range? The non-stick utensil or tools would help you in quick cooking without any stickiness or burning of food.

If not using the non-stick crockery, use the best cooking spray with ingredients like agave nectar, honey, syrup, or molasses. Coating the spoon and cups used for measuring the syrup is again a useful technique. This would also save your washing time while you struggle to remove the burn stains.

·         By heart the recipe before starting

A most common mistake widely committed while cooking something new is reading and preparing the dish. Preparing the dish following the steps is sure to give you a surprising end where you either miss out something or end up making something different.

Yes, that’s true! So, it is better to first read the complete recipe before preparing it. This would help you in any pre-cooking preparations like soaking, pre-heating of the oven, etc. This would not only help you save a good time but would also bring you the exact dish you want to have.

So, all you need is some prior preparations and an expert mind that would help you in smartly saving a good time.