Why Sun Basket is Perfect for Those on a Gluten-Free Diet

Meal delivery kits have been gaining popularity in recent years.  This is because of the increasingly busy lifestyles of many individuals, couples, and families. In the past, convenience options like these were unavailable, so families had to compromise. It was difficult back then for households to have double incomes. One should spend more time at home to do household work. Cooking takes a big chunk of anyone’s time. So to prepare for everyday meals and the occasional get-togethers entails a big sacrifice.

Sun Basket ingredients unboxedThere are so many meal delivery kits to choose from these days, and the options can be overwhelming. You may have family or friends who have tried different brands, and the reviews can be varying, too. When choosing which delivery kit to purchase, it is crucial to know that what’s best is different for every person because each has a unique lifestyle.

Sun Basket is one of the new meal delivery kits available in the market. and you may think, what makes it different from the other brands?

Here are some factors of Sun Basket that makes it different compared to other brands:

1. There are so many meal options to choose from

While many meal delivery kits offer just up to two options (e.g., vegetarian and combination), Sun Basket provides lots of options for you to choose from. Currently, there are five meals to choose from: Chef’s Choice, Paleo, Lean and Clean, Gluten-free, and Vegetarian. Chef’s Choice curates the highly recommended and most popular meals ordered. Paleo focuses on grain and dairy-free meal options. Lean and Clean, as the name says it, promotes not only an organic and environmentally friendly way of eating. It also allows you to enjoy foods that are in their purest and most natural form. Gluten-free ensures that all your meals will be prepared free of gluten, and even the utensils and cookware used are not subject to cross-contamination with allergens. And the vegetarian meal is something that we all know, with all meals ensured to be plant-based.

The gluten-free option is a big come-on for Sun Basket because not many brands offer this just yet. And with many people opting to go gluten-free, it is a big pull for those who have been looking for meal delivery kits that cater to this lifestyle.

2. All ingredients are sourced organically and are free of pesticides and GMOs

Now, this feature is something that is a total winner for Sun Basket. In many other brands, having organic meals is an option. With Sun Basket, you are given the opportunity to enjoy healthy organic meals without stressing over where you will source out ingredients. Sun Basket has a good network of registered local and organic farmers throughout the country. And so you know that the ingredients used are produced safely to meet stringent standards.

Sun Basket offers you lots of meal options to choose from. And it is good news for those on a gluten-free diet since it has an option curated just for you. If unsure, you can try one week of Sun Basket’s meal kit delivery to see the service for yourself.