How to Travel Bedbug-Free

Traveling is fun and something that many people look forward to doing. Many save up their leaves and do overtimes so that they can save up for the trip of a lifetime that they have wanted to do all their lives. Traveling is something that is fun to share with your partner, friends, and family; and there is nothing more exciting than shopping for your travel essentials.

But while traveling is fun, you cannot take away the importance of guarding yourself against bedbugs. It may be a surprise to know that many hotels, hostels, and accommodations are full of bedbugs that are under the noses of guests like you. You may think that hotels are safe places for you to stay; however, hotels are not fool-proof areas. Even with the presence of housekeepers and exterminators in the property, the challenges are up against the small team that is managing the hotel. And if you are a guest merely wanting to enjoy your time, you may end up with more problems than you’ve ever imagined.

It is crucial for you to remember that hotels, hostels, and travel accommodations are not fool-proof areas that can provide safety nets for you. Many guests get the biggest surprise of their lives when they get back from their travel, and find bedbugs in their luggage and clothing. Some even get bites that they won’t notice until they get back home.

Of course, you can’t find this kind of information online. You have to travel to the property to find it out yourself. However, you must not fear, because specific signs show the presence of bedbug infestation.

Molds in air vents indicates poor hotel maintenanceHere are some clear signs of a bedbug infestation in a hotel property, according to the best exterminator in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the rest of the 5 Boroughs:

1. The property itself is moldy and stinky

When the property itself is unclean, moldy, and stinky, it is a clear sign that bedbugs may be lurking in the area. It is because bedbugs like thriving in moist and dirty regions that haven’t seen the light of day; therefore if the property has all these characteristics, there is a significant chance that bedbugs are living in the area.

If you are not living in the area where the hotel is located, check out the area’s online pictures. But do not simply rely on photos online, because it is easy to put on false advertising on the internet. Along with photos, check out the property’s reviews, as well. Sift through the reviews, and make sure that you know how to determine which ones are authentic or not. If you are in doubt, you can even consider contacting guests who have published negative reviews. You can ask them why they placed the rating, and you can build your judgment from here.

Also, what you see outside can be reflective of what goes on inside. So, if a hotel does not have the money or priority to fix the externals of the property, you must take caution if wanting to stay in the hotel. If the management cannot fix the exteriors, how much more can you expect for the interiors to be fixed?

2. You find orange-red blood stains on the hotel sheets

One of the clear signs of a bedbug infestation is finding orange-red blood stains on the hotel sheets. There is no excuse for these spots, as these are visible signs of bedbug presence in the area. Contact the hotel management immediately when you find these stains on your sheets, because no guest deserves to stay in a property like this.

With these signs of bedbug infestation, how do you stay away from these pests while traveling? Here are some tips to help you travel bedbug-free:

Check edges of luggages and shoes for bedbugs you might bring home1. Inspect the place before putting down your luggage

The best place to put down your luggage upon arrival in your hotel room? The bathroom. The bathroom is made of tiles that are bedbug-proof. Therefore, once you arrive in your room, inspect the place first. Check the sheets, curtains, pillows, and beddings before lying down, sitting down, or leaving your things behind. So, make it a habit of putting your luggage in the bathroom first before using the unit as your own throughout the duration of your stay.

2. Use a flashlight to inspect the property

Bedbugs may appear invisible; but in reality, they can easily be seen with the use of a flashlight. You don’t need any flashlight to look for them, for you can even use your phone’s flashlight. Scan the hotel room’s bedsheets, curtains, and pillows with your flashlight, and make sure to be on the lookout for bedbug eggs and poop that are distinguishable with their brown color. One area in the hotel that is also commonly infested by bedbugs is the carpet, so do not forget to scan the rug with your flashlight, too.

Traveling is fun, but the fun shouldn’t stop with only getting to your destination. Once you arrive home, you must not suffer bedbug infestation that you may have brought with you from your travel. Be careful with where you stay, and make sure you take extra precautions before you decide to stay in the hotel that you’ve chosen to book. Just like any traveler, you deserve the best holiday!