Why Sun Basket is Perfect for Those on a Gluten-Free Diet

Meal delivery kits have been gaining popularity in recent years.  This is because of the increasingly busy lifestyles of many individuals, couples, and families. In the past, convenience options like these were unavailable, so families had to compromise. It was difficult back then for households to have double incomes. One should spend more time at home to do household work. Cooking takes a big chunk of anyone’s time. So to prepare for everyday meals and the occasional get-togethers entails a big sacrifice.

Sun Basket ingredients unboxedThere are so many meal delivery kits to choose from these days, and the options can be overwhelming. You may have family or friends who have tried different brands, and the reviews can be varying, too. When choosing which delivery kit to purchase, it is crucial to know that what’s best is different for every person because each has a unique lifestyle.

Sun Basket is one of the new meal delivery kits available in the market. and you may think, what makes it different from the other brands?

Here are some factors of Sun Basket that makes it different compared to other brands:

1. There are so many meal options to choose from

While many meal delivery kits offer just up to two options (e.g., vegetarian and combination), Sun Basket provides lots of options for you to choose from. Currently, there are five meals to choose from: Chef’s Choice, Paleo, Lean and Clean, Gluten-free, and Vegetarian. Chef’s Choice curates the highly recommended and most popular meals ordered. Paleo focuses on grain and dairy-free meal options. Lean and Clean, as the name says it, promotes not only an organic and environmentally friendly way of eating. It also allows you to enjoy foods that are in their purest and most natural form. Gluten-free ensures that all your meals will be prepared free of gluten, and even the utensils and cookware used are not subject to cross-contamination with allergens. And the vegetarian meal is something that we all know, with all meals ensured to be plant-based.

The gluten-free option is a big come-on for Sun Basket because not many brands offer this just yet. And with many people opting to go gluten-free, it is a big pull for those who have been looking for meal delivery kits that cater to this lifestyle.

2. All ingredients are sourced organically and are free of pesticides and GMOs

Now, this feature is something that is a total winner for Sun Basket. In many other brands, having organic meals is an option. With Sun Basket, you are given the opportunity to enjoy healthy organic meals without stressing over where you will source out ingredients. Sun Basket has a good network of registered local and organic farmers throughout the country. And so you know that the ingredients used are produced safely to meet stringent standards.

Sun Basket offers you lots of meal options to choose from. And it is good news for those on a gluten-free diet since it has an option curated just for you. If unsure, you can try one week of Sun Basket’s meal kit delivery to see the service for yourself.

Why Music Can Make You Cry

You have certainly experienced it. You turn on the radio and suddenly, a memorable song was played. Then you found yourself wiping the tears from your eyes. Sounds dramatic, as it seems, but it really does happen. Music has that power to make us cry and be nostalgic. It has the potential to bring us back in time.

Guitarist feeling the emotions in musicBut why is that so?

Stirring Up Emotions

One of the main goals of music is to arouse or stir up emotions. That is why it gives you various kinds of feelings whenever you hear the music. It can calm you or make you feel happy or excite you. Music can also motivate you or put you in a worshipping mode. This why lessons for the guitar in New York City have been very popular. Guitar music can be both used to convey emotions. Crying, on the other hand, is a complex human behavior that is often associated with various intense experiences. Humans cry when they experience physical pain or when they are hurt emotionally. Likewise, humans also cry when they are too happy, and they can’t contain it.

Music to Emotions

A new study was conducted to explain this. And according to the findings, whatever emotion you feel when you hear music or whether it can make you cry or not. It has something to do with your basic personality. Katherine Cotter and Paul Silvia, the researchers from the University of North Carolina, along with Kirill Fayn of the University of Sydney. They were in charge of the research to find out the various emotions that people feel when music prompts them to cry.

To support the study, a survey was conducted among 892 adults. To find out how many of them experience that is crying “feels” while listening or when they hear a certain kind of music. The initial result showed that it is not unusual to be moved to tears when you hear a tune. Approximately 89.9% of the people in the study said they had experienced that feeling. They want to cry whenever they hear the music. They were also asked to rank their feelings to accompany the response following 16 emotions which include happiness, anxiety, euphoria, awe, depression, sadness, pain, etc. In the end, the researchers divided the people into two groups – those who cry because of sadness (63%) and those who felt in awe (36.7%).

Psychology of Personalities

The brain reacting to musicThe participants were then given a psychological test to be able to classify them according to the five personality characteristics:

  • extraversion
  • openness to experience
  • neuroticism
  • agreeableness
  • conscientiousness

After the test was done, the researchers found out that those who have high neuroticism ranking scale. They feel sad when they had been moved to tears by music. Likewise, those people who ranked high in the openness to “experience” feel like crying because they are in so much awe.

This basically explains why music can give you that feeling like you want to cry when you hear it. It actually depends on the person or what that person is experiencing that moment he or she understands that music.

Should You Hire a Wedding Planner: A List of Pros and Cons

Congratulations! You’re finally getting married!

Save yourself from stressBy now you’ve probably taken all the time you need to celebrate and bask in the thought of finally tying the knot with your significant other and might now be wondering how best to make your dream wedding come true. Perhaps you’re thinking of busting out your box of arts and crafts and going DIY-crazy on everything. Or perhaps you’re thinking that, between dealing with the wedding budget, exasperating family members, unsolicited advice, and living your everyday life, the least you want to do is to be dumping glitters on a personalized wedding invitation for a distant aunt.

Should you hire a wedding planner? We’ve come up with a list of reasons why you may want or not want to hire another pair of helping hands for your big day.

The Pros

Hiring a wedding planner means hiring a professional

Let’s face it, not every one of us is particularly blessed with the skills required to micromanage an event that involves a lot of details (and by “a lot” we mean A LOT). You may be the type of person who does not do well under immense pressure or hates organizing a huge event. If so, you’ll benefit from hiring a professional whose sole job is to mind all the teeny-tiny details surrounding your big day.

They are in-charge of troubleshooting any mishaps that may occur before and during your wedding day. A supplier backed out? They got your back. Your wedding band can’t make it to your ceremony in time? No doubt they’ll handle that and get Around Town Entertainment in Connecticut (CT) in a jiffy.

A good wedding planner will bring fresh, exciting ideas to the table

As professionals in their field, wedding planners keep themselves in the loop on the latest wedding and design trends. Their experience (they’ve been doing this for far longer than you, for one) and input are therefore invaluable in bringing your wedding visions into fruition.

Planners have plenty of connections

They can hook you up with suppliers, venues, and providers that you wouldn’t even think of approaching on your own. An experienced wedding planner also has inside knowledge of the industry and knows a trick or two on how to stretch your given budget.

All this means less stress for you! You don’t want to turn into the kind of bride horror stories and viral social media posts are made of, right? With a wedding planner, you’ll have all the time to relax and enjoy the thrill of the days leading up to your wedding.

The Cons

Hiring a wedding planner may take away some of the intimacy of the wedding

There is a special feeling involved when you have handpicked every detail of the wedding – from the save-the-dates to the wedding souvenirs down to the after-party playlist. There is a certain feeling of pride, for instance, if and when a guest praises a particular item that you crafted by hand. All this can be lost by hiring someone who will instead handle these details for you.

Limited control

It might be hard for you to relinquish control on the minute details of your wedding preparations. This is especially true if you are the type who is very hands-on and would like to be involved in every aspect of the preparation. Some of the anxiety you might feel in giving up the reins to a professional might be alleviated by having a planner who thoroughly understands and is 100% committed to your vision.

Well-planned wedding is a happy weddingSpeaking of, finding a planner whose style, values and vision match yours can be a little bit difficult. A common mistake brides commit when hiring a planner is settling for someone who might charge less but with whom they don’t quite connect with. Your relationship with your wedding planner must be quite like with a trusted friend or confidante. Go with someone who understands and respects your wishes but also possesses enough guts to tell you when your wishes won’t work. This way, you can be sure that you get the best value for your money.

Hiring a wedding planner is an added cost

Wedding planners are like tattoos – those that are good aren’t cheap, and those that are cheap are probably not good. If you feel your wedding budget is quite tight, perhaps a wedding planner isn’t the best course of action for you. If you think you need help but are on a tight budget, try seeking the help of your bridesmaid and trusted friends. Hiring an on-the-day coordinator is also a less expensive option to ensure every kink gets to be ironed out on the day itself.

Starting an Effective Workout Routine for Seniors

There have been quite numerous benefits of regular exercise that have been documented by scientists and fitness experts through time. These benefits are wide-ranging – from achieving healthier body weight to building up and strengthening muscles to achieving improved balance and flexibility – and can apply to different age groups. Through recent studies, however, we can conclude that seniors have more to gain from regular exercise than most younger adults. Why is this?

As we age, our bodies weaken. Our muscle mass begins to decrease up to 3-5% for every decade of our lives starting from the age of 40. We also become more susceptible to illnesses and health conditions. Lastly, our cognitive functions also tend to slow down. It is in this sense that seniors specifically benefit from a regular workout routine. Exercise strengthens one’s balance and flexibility, therefore reducing risks of mobility-related injury. Exercise also stimulates one’s immune system and helps prevent chronic diseases. Last but not the least, exercise improves one’s overall mood and mental well-being. Overall, exercise helps seniors achieve a better quality of life even as they age.

Managing Abilities and Expectations

That said, one key point to understand before starting an exercise routine is that seniors have different needs and abilities compared to younger people. Realistically speaking, most seniors would likely have pre-existing conditions and health history that may render certain routines challenging, ineffective or outright dangerous. Some elderlies may also have been experiencing lack of mobility, poor eyesight, and muscle weakness before their desire to exercise.

Doing low impact exercisesThe first step, therefore, in establishing an effective and safe workout routine for elders is to have an accurate scope of their abilities and to manage their expectations accordingly. Home health & hospice care experts recommend choosing an exercise program that is within the elders’ physical abilities. Eliminate any exercise routine that will aggravate an existing medical problem. For instance, running and other high-impact activities may not be advisable for elderlies with hip conditions or have had hip replacement procedures. Said exercises are totally out of the question for seniors with limited mobility as well. There are, however, different alternatives to these activities that you can explore.

Your Best Bets

Here are some examples of activities that can be incorporated in elderlies’ exercise routine. Again, keep in mind the scope of their abilities and make sure to manage their expectations accordingly.


Walking is a low-impact exercise that is great for seniors who are just about to begin a regular workout habit. It is easily accessible and does not need special equipment to be conducted. In fact, all you need for this activity is a pair of sensible shoes. To top it all, walking also boosts the mood, especially if done in locations with fresh air and majestic views. It can also be an activity for socialization as it can be accomplished by pairs or even in groups.


For water-loving seniors, swimming is a perfect low-impact exercise that presents minimal risks of injury. Swimming increases our body’s oxygen intake and allows for a complete workout of the body’s entire muscle group. Swimming is great for elderlies suffering from arthritis as it is gentle on the joints. Not only that but it also increases flexibility in the hips, arms, neck, and legs, providing for improved mobility and better comfort for seniors. It is also an incredibly fun way to reduce stress and keep negative thoughts (and feelings) at bay.


Granted, cycling is a more rigorous activity than those listed above. Beyond that, it also requires equipment (a bike, helmet, and other safety gear) when starting. The best thing about cycling, however, is that it is never a boring chore. Seniors can ride their bikes within their communities or even go out and explore nearby trails and parks. Elderlies can also choose to opt short, casual ride or go for a more demanding route. Most importantly, cycling is a great way to exercise the cardiovascular muscles and, at the same time, helps seniors maintain their optimum weight.

Water Aerobics

Another great cardiovascular exercise for seniors is Water Aerobics. Like swimming, water aerobics is a low-impact activity that minimizes the risk of incurring injuries. What makes this activity different from normal aerobics is how the water creates ideal amount of resistance for folks with limited mobility. When surrounded by water, this also helps strengthen balance and minimizes any falling risks.

Other Alternatives

Again, depending on their abilities and limitations, there are other fun activities that seniors can do as an alternative to a straight-up exercise routine. Some great alternative to aerobics, for instance, are Tai Chi and Yoga. Aside from improving flexibility, these activities also incorporate relaxation and meditation that can be good for one’s mental health.

If you are looking for something more dynamic, why not try mixing in a jolt of lively music to the exercise routine? Zumba is a fun new activity that combines dancing and aerobics for maximum benefit. Another great – and quite popular – alternative is to sign up for dancing lessons. Through experienced instructors, seniors can either learn new moves or relive their glory days in the dance floor.
Lastly, elderlies who love outdoor sports can also engage in low-impact and non-rigorous activities such as golf or badminton.

It is easy to think that old age qualifies one to stop being on the move and stop caring for one’s self. However, none can be further from the truth. In fact, it all the more serves as encouragement to stay in tip-top shape. Through a combination of proper diet and useful exercise, senior citizens can keep themselves healthy and in control of their lives.